We don’t do one-size-fits-all personal training. At Alpha Endurance, it’s your call. Every member gets a consultation with one of our top specialists. Take it to the next level? Book a training session with one of our residents!

It cannot be a “template” that is put on everyone.

That’s why we define your goals in advance and discuss your time options for training.

Your personal timetable:

  • Contact us (that’s half the battle because YOU want it and YOU are convinced of our cooperation)
  • We make an appointment and talk about your goals, your time, and health problems and assess your starting level
  • We do a round of sports together as an introduction 
  • There is also a contract! Because when I invest in a service, I not only expect the BEST possible from my counterpart, but I also want to get the BEST out of it for myself.

 Our offer:

Personal consultation with a sporty start 

Individual training plan for two weeks each with telephone evaluation every two weeks

249€/month, minimum term 6 months